I am a graphic artist and animator in Australia. I am currently making games and working on a larger animation project.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. eu tia doro sonique


  2. Hey mate,
    Just played the game and I loved it! I especially loved your theme song!!! Often I have the game up just to listen to the tune. If you could email just the song to me I’d be soo happy, because then i could play it in my car!
    Cheers, Hat.

  3. Hey,
    Nice games!! xD
    How do you make those games?
    Cheers, Maarten

  4. yo! i know where that song is from. but can you send it to me. i miss that song a lot too!

  5. Hey Mate,
    I guess i should say that because you are Australian. I’m sorry if that’s offensive. I didn’t know. I LOVED your game. It pissed me off so much, also. (Maybe that was the point…)The first time I played it, i had almost 100 deaths in the first 3 levels. I’m working on finishing the game. I especially think your theme song is incredible. Where can I get it from, and if it’s copyrighted, can you please send it to me? I have the song up right now, it’s so amazing.

    Can’t Wait Til Another Hit,
    Samir D-W

  6. Is there a way to contact the game maker?

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